Eden Hazard, he scores when he wants to!

Good Game You Blues!

The 2014/15 Chelsea squad photo!

Frank Lampard of Manchester City. Ashley Cole of AS Roma. This just doesn’t look right!

Frank Lampard: “It’s a really difficult one. I’d be unprofessional if I didn’t come on and do my job, so I was trying to get into the box and it was a great ball back from Milly. It’s a tough one for me. I had 13 amazing years with the Chelsea fans, so I am mixed with it. I am obviously pleased the team I play for got a draw. I am a little lost for words. I didn’t expect to come on and score like that. I came on and the Chelsea fans were singing, and that’s emotional. Then I am playing for this club, who have taken me in brilliantly as well, so I am really stuck in the middle here.”

You can take Lampard out of Chelsea but you can’t take Chelsea out of Lampard.


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OMG <3

The players took pictures yesterday (missing Baker and Rémy)