Frank Lampard: “It’s a really difficult one. I’d be unprofessional if I didn’t come on and do my job, so I was trying to get into the box and it was a great ball back from Milly. It’s a tough one for me. I had 13 amazing years with the Chelsea fans, so I am mixed with it. I am obviously pleased the team I play for got a draw. I am a little lost for words. I didn’t expect to come on and score like that. I came on and the Chelsea fans were singing, and that’s emotional. Then I am playing for this club, who have taken me in brilliantly as well, so I am really stuck in the middle here.”

You can take Lampard out of Chelsea but you can’t take Chelsea out of Lampard.


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Lanterns on We Heart It.


what jose mourinho really thinks..[asked by itsallaboutbayern]

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The players took pictures yesterday (missing Baker and Rémy)


What an amazing performance from my Blues today. Diego with the hat trick and new signing Remy with his first goal!

Fernando Torres and Nora Torres

Jose Mourinho responds to reports linking them with a move for Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘Forget it!’

Welcome Remy!

3 Sunday Papers, 1 Player, 1 Headline.